Why do we innovate?

May 31, 2018

survival intinct for innvation

Inventions, Innovations and our survival Instinct are the real reason why we have survived on this planet against all the odds. Our survival instinct has kept us curious and innovative. Right from the start of the Stone Age when we hunted animals for food and survival, we invented tools and weapons. As we discovered agriculture, we invented tools and machines for cultivation. We further progressed to Renaissance age where we worked with our curious minds to solve the most amazing puzzles and observations. During the Industrial age, we invented machines and processes for improving the efficiency of our work.  We further progressed to Communication age and Internet age. We have kept on Inventing and Innovating propelled by our curiosity and observation and fuelled by our Natural Instinct for Survival.

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We have designed our Education process to equip children with all the required skills and knowledge of the past generations so that they can work on the problems, design solutions, Innovate and Invent for future. There are many problems looming for our future generations like Water Scarcity, Air Pollution, Global Warming, Food scarcity, Depleting Natural Resources etc. We have to rely on our next generation to come up with ideas and design solutions.

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Now the question is, Are we preparing our next generation for these looming challenges? In order to prepare our children for more complex life and work environment of present and future generation, we must prepare our children with skills and competencies for the 21st century.  Educators and Researchers have highlighted on the following skills as the most important skills to be nurtured among children of 21st century.

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving



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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education is the perfect tool to create an ecosystem to nurture these skills. Now the question is how do we practice STEM Education?  Robotics is the best medium to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to children. While designing Robots, children think about Design, Mechanisms, Electronics and Mathematics. While working on Projects, children make design based decisions, measurement based decisions, perform calculations, create parts and designs from their imagination and design solutions.

Through our Ed-Tech Startup TechShiksha Labs, we are trying to make it easy for young children to take the exploratory path of learning fuelled by their natural instincts of Curiosity and Attitude for creation.

projects using witblox

We have designed a creation tool called WitBlox to empower young creators and innovators who have wild ideas and are looking for materials and ways to build it. WitBlox are Electronic logic circuit blocks using which one can build any kind of circuits and projects. Thousands of children in India are using WitBlox to translate their amazing ideas into working Projects.

Witblox youtube

We are proud to see the movement taking shape but we also understand that there is need and space for many more tools and processes to prepare our next generation for futuristic problems and challenges.



About the Author

Amit is the founder & CEO of TechShiksha Labs. He is a passionate educator and has been working with young innovators since last 6 years to turn their creations into reality.

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